What is Cortado Coffee? Difference between Latte And Cortado Coffee?

When we talk about coffee then, there is no end to various types of drinks. Nowadays, you should have no problem finding the cortado coffee machine which type of coffee you drink.

Cortado Coffee

Cortado is a coffee and a lot of people don’t know about that and it is against the many types of coffee that are Italian, but this drink began in Spain. The word ‘’cortado’’ is a Spanish word and its meaning is ‘’CUT’’ or dilute. The recipe of this cortado required the right amount of steamed milk to cut the bitterness of coffee which is associated with the coffee that’s why cortado is also called a coffee that is very strong.

Cortado vs Latte

The recipe of cortado is at the right amount to make sure that it is not so bitter, this is the main thing that makes this coffee so yummy. The taste of this coffee is very strong without being too strong and the recipe of cortado is very easy.

what is Cortado Coffee?

Cortado is a coffee that is made out of one part of espresso and one part of milk. The consumption of the milk is 50% so the bitterness of the coffee becomes less and then it is drinkable.

And cortado is only made with steamed milk, and not made with any type of milk. Mostly, people know that espresso can be very acidic on the tongue. But the steamed milk plays an important role in the cortado coffee to finish the bitterness and acidity of the coffee. And it is very easy to drink for those people who don’t want strong coffee.

Cortado Coffee Drink is also called Spanish Gibraltar Coffee. And it is famous all over the world. The other Italian coffees have frothy and foamy milk on the top of coffees while there is a little bit of froth on the top of cortado coffee.

How did Cortado start?

Cortado started in Spain and today in many Spanish And Portuguese-speaking countries, the word coffee and espresso are used. While cortado began in Spain and now there are the plenty of drinks which are available in this country which includes:-

  • Cafe Cortado:-with the dash of milk.
  • Cafe Solo Corto:- with the small amount of black coffee
  • Italian mass hit, cappuccino, and others 
  • Indeed, Cortado has been added in many countries.

How to make a Cortado?

Although it is very similar in the latte and macchiato, The proportion of the cortado drink is a little bit different from the other coffee. It is not different in espresso and milk which you use but it is also different in the type of milk which you use.

For example, in macchiato, a little amount of milk is used to stain the coffee. So, this type of drink has a tiny amount of milk. Also, the composition of milk and espresso is very similar in a latte, and the milk in a latte is foam. While the milk in the cortado is steamed. It is not frothy and foamy milk.

How many shots of espresso are in Cortado?

1.1 ratio of espresso and milk used in the cortado coffee. Because when you mix the espresso with the milk, the bold, robust flavor of robusta simply makes a flavor of butter. It depends on you that you can use robusta blend if you like and a good french roast makes a chocolate flavor at the end. Four tablespoons of coffee will show you the result in the form of one ounce or one shot of espresso. But if you like your coffee more strongly then add one more shot to the recipe.

Cortado vs Latte

What is the difference between a latte and a cortado?

If you are a little bit confused about the various types of coffee, then you are not alone. Well, it can not be very clear to keep track of all those coffees. But now, we will look at the difference between a latte and a cortado. Because it is very similar in many ways and they are different in other ways. The comparison between a latte and a cortado is given below:-

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what’s in a latte

  • flavors:-Bold and creamy are used in Cortado drinks while milder and creamier are used on the latte.
  • Recipe:-1.1 or 1.2 ratios of espresso and milk are used in cortado while 1.3 ratios used in the latte.
  • Service size;-small cups are used in the service of cortado while large cups are used in the service of latte.
  • Type of milk:- steamed milk without foam is used in Cortado while steamed, foamed, and textured are used in the latte.
  • If you like less sweetness in your coffee then Cortado is the best choice otherwise you can taste latte.

Are the Cortado and Flat White the same?

There is a very common difference between the Cortado and Flat white. Milk is not textured in the Cortado but in latte milk is smoother.

What type of roast produces the best Cortado? Dark Or Light?

When people take out their espresso machine to make the cortado or the other types of coffee. They normally want the coarse ground to make the light roast type of coffee. They are looking for the opposite. For this reason, if you make your coffee with a darker roast then it will give you the taste of Cortado.

Dark roast coffee is roasted longer than light roast coffee is producing a very bold taste. Because cortado is made up of steamed milk. So, you should always choose dark roast for making the best cortado.


A lot of people don’t know about Cortado coffee. But those who want to taste the cortado for the first time. Espresso and steamed milk used in this coffee and make the coffee bitter and acidic. It makes a great time after dinner when you sit with your friends and family. It is very easy to make and you can make it by yourself. And also cortado is a great choice for you if you like the other types of drinks.

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