How To Pour A Latte Art Heart?

Pour a heart in the Latte is a quite simple and unique pattern but also if you’re trying that at home then you should follow some tricks and tips that I will mention below. You will be able to know after reading all the tips and tricks How to Pour a latte art heart?

How To Pour A Latte Art Heart

Every art pattern on the latte coffee depends on the perfect espresso. So, you have to make sure that your espresso is tasting perfect because it has a great effect on latte art pouring. The espresso that you recently extracted from the machine is velvety and smooth which is the best option for the milk to mix well in the espresso. Keep in mind, this is crucial for all Latte arts.

There are three main points for any Latte Art and we will discuss them all one by one.

  • Brown Cup.
  • Pouring the Heart pattern.
  • Draw through.

Brown Cup:

Start the pouring of the steamed milk from a bit higher to the exact middle of the cup. That milk will sink under the espresso and results in better contrast for the latte art. Also, you will get a sharp pattern for art and bright brown insides of the cup. That’s why it’s a Brown Cup. keep starting that process until the cup is about 50% full.

Pouring the Heart Pattern:

After the completion of the 50% in the Cup. You have to go close to the surface of the coffee as much as possible and start pouring the steamed milk in the middle of the cup at one spot. You will see a form of a ball that starts after the pouring. As much as, you pour in the cup and keep at one spot the ball will start to become bigger. When your cup is about to full then you need to pour the actual shape of the heart.

Draw Through.

Now, you have to pour steadily through the ball to draw. But before pouring, you have to take a pause of 5-10s. It will lock the ball and you can easily draw the shape by pouring steadily. Keep in mind! Don’t try too fast or slow, Just keep it normal.


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