How To Pour A Latte Art Tulip?

The Tulip is a rosetta that we art on the simple heart but it is quite difficult than art a heart on the Latte. All the things are the same but we need to use a little bit different strategy to pour a latte art tulip. Here, you’re going to introduce the Tulip art method step by step. So, Don’t skip the reading.

Latte Art Tulip:

Latte Art really works and it becomes more delicious as it is beautiful. Keep in mind! Always start the tulip art with the steamed, micrefoamed work, and a fresh shot of espresso. Also, keep its crema still intact. Because all these things are very helpful to mix well the milk in the espresso and it’s crucial for all latte arts.

How To Pour A Latte Art Tulip

Let’s move towards the step that you need to follow for a Latte Tulip Art!

1st First Semi-Circle:How To Pour A Latte Art Tulip



Put the jug on the side of the cup and start pouring the steamed or thin milk from a certain height. Rotate the jug to the opposite side of the cup slowly. You can see a circle on the top of coffee that happens because of the steamed milk. Pick up the Jug when a Semi-circle forms on the coffee at the opposite side of the cup.

2nd Semi-Circle With the First One:

Again put the jug on the side of the cup and start pouring the milk to make another circle with the first one. After the completion of that circle, pick up the cup and start again the 2nd Step until the cup is full.

Complete the Design:

At last, when you complete your last Semi-Circle. Then don’t stop pouring milk as you did on the upper steps. Here, you need to move the jug Vertically as you did in the Latte Art Heart. To create thin steam milk, you need to move the jug from one side to another side cup. That process will create a suction that will complete the Tulip design in the Latte Coffee.

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