Latte vs LATTE MACCHIATO – What’s the Difference ?

What is a latte?

The word latte came from the Italian word caffè e latte which simply means coffee and milk. The latte coffee is super easy to make and it includes steamed milk and coffee. The latte is made up of two ingredients: the espresso and the steamed milk. The recommended ingredients in the latte are the ½ of the espresso and ⅔ of the steamed milk. Moreover, it varies according to the taste and choice of the people because many people like the strong coffee texture so they can use more espresso and less milk. On the other hand, people can use the layer of foam and steam on the latte to make it tasty.

It is very easy to make the latte at home with the best latte machines. You don’t need to visit a barista every time to have the latte by having a latte machine. You can add the flavors in the latte to make it more customizable. The latte can easily be more tasteful with the different types of milk such as Almond milk, oats and coconuts milk, or other flavors. Moreover, you can replace the latte coffee with chai such as mocha chai and masala chai. Further, it is the best and admirable by the people of every age group. The great thing about the latte is that you can do the latte art over it of your choice. There are other lattes that resemble too such as Brandeis latte, Busch latte,  fior di latte, vanilla latte, and cosmic latte.

Where did the Latte come from?

William Dean Howells used the word caffè e latte for the first time in his essay name as the Italian Journey’s. The essay was in the English language and published in 1867. Initially, the latte was used for breakfast in European countries but later it was used in the American countries. After adaptation by many countries, it was adopted by Italy and other countries. Now it becomes the most demanding drink for the people. 

Different Coffee’s:

Many other drinks resemble the latte but that has a slight difference than that but it looks extremely similar to the latte due to the ingredients used in it. Both of the drinks use milk and coffee but the difference lies in the type of coffee. 


The CAFÉ AU LAIT is similar to coffee to the latte, there is the main difference in the type of coffee. It uses more coffee than the latte and uses regular coffee instead of the espresso shots. However, the latte uses the espresso shot for making. The CAFÉ AU LAIT use the ½ of the milk and ½ of the milk whereas the latte uses the ½ of the coffee and ⅔ of the steamed milk.


The latte macchiato is cooler than the latte and it is the blend of the two drinks. The difference in both coffee lies in the order of the ingredients. While making the latte you need to pour the espresso in the glass first whereas the steamed milk poured afterward. Whereas in the Latte macchiato it is somehow reversed you need to pour the steamy espresso shot after pouring in the glass. It makes it somehow the foamy layer over the top of the coffee. So the layer over the coffee is known as the MACCHIA.


CAPPUCCINO is somehow different from the latte because the CAPPUCCINO coffee uses more milk than the latte. It is milkier so it is more preferable for coffee lovers. As it is the same to make the latte and cappuccino but the difference lies that the cappuccino has the top layer very milky and foamy. Both the coffee are made with the same process and the same ingredients. So the only difference is that if someone wants less milk that prefers a latte over a cappuccino. 


Latte is the Italian word used by English writers for the first time. After it came into existence Europe was the first one who adopted it and afterward everyone adopted it. Latte is the most loved beverage by the people due to its great taste.  Latte is the most demanding like the Cappuccino and other coffees due to its perfect texture and aroma.

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